Lime and Sorbent Injection Systems

Bridge Gap Engineering is recognized as having some of the leading experts in control of emissions from cement and lime kilns, both through design of kiln systems for inherent SOx control, and in the selection and design of cost-effective add-on control technology.  The experienced personnel at Bridge Gap Engineering have extensive experience in the operation, design and supply of systems for SOx reduction in numerous industries, including experiences with lime injection, semi-dry scrubbers, and wet scrubbers.  Bridge Gap has supplied lime injection systems in the cement industry, including full supply and installation of new dry lime injection, as well as conversion of slurry lime systems to dry-lime style injection for the reduction of system maintenance costs.


Our full range of services includes the planning and performance of short to medium term injection trials , along with process emissions measurements to ensure that the sorbent in use is used as effectively as possible.  Based on our range of experiences in testing, BGE can provide a range of equipment options and system designs to suit the needs of every plant, from equipment supply through full supply and installation.

In addition to our engineering and supply offerings, Bridge Gap has extensive experience in the troubleshooting of existing lime injection systems, and can assist in solving handling problems and in correcting design problems in field installations.  Don’t let conveying problems like this occur…..

Contact us today for any assistance you might require in designing, troubleshooting, or installing sorbent injection systems to maintain environmental compliance.

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