Cement Applications

A New Use For Cement Silos

Cement silos are very familiar to many, both at typical cement production plants as well as terminals around the world.  However, one architectural firm has proposed a new take on a re-purposed cement silo.   The formerly abandoned silos would… Read More ›

Polymer Mixtures with Cement

Following yesterday’s post on analysis of 2000 year old Roman concrete, today we see some news on some newer concrete compounds, and specifically research into polymer/cement mixtures.   Most Do-It-Yourselfers are aware of latex-modified thinset (although they may not be aware… Read More ›

Cement Circuitry?

Many of us have heard of unconventional uses for cement and concrete, such as the concrete ships used during World War II, and the concrete canoes frequently used as engineering challenges, but could it be possible that computers, cell phones,… Read More ›