Engineering Cool Success

Bridge Gap Engineering was approached by a local Lehigh Valley cement plant in 2015 experiencing issues with their existing grate clinker cooler.  The plant reported having issues with loss of grates in operation.   Tony Baldere visited the Stockertown plant and reviewed the existing cooler design, and led a small project team that  redesigned grate supports for the cooler to address the primary cause of the problems with grate loss.

Several weeks ago, the clinker cooler was completely rebuilt with the new supports designed by Bridge Gap Engineering.  We have recently received an update on the clinker cooler rebuild.

“I would like to thank you and the Bridge Gap team for the excellent cooler engineering you did for Buzzi.   The engineering was spot on, and the cooler grates are no longer loose.  Thanks again for your work.”

– Fran Schadler, Corporate Maintenance Manager

Stockertown Cooler

Stockertown’s rebuilt clinker cooler grateline with the newly engineered supports from BGE

Bridge Gap Engineering would like to thank Fran and the Stockertown plant for providing us with the opportunity to engineer a “better than original” solution to this problem.

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