Reactions to Proposed Lafarge/Holcim Merger

Now that roughly 1 week has passed since initial news of a proposed merger between Lafarge and Holcim, a number of news items have come out listing the repercussions of this merger.

  • Lafarge has announced that the modernization of the Ravena will proceed as planned, with construction beginning today.  The modernization is expected to be completed by mid-2017.
  • With the potential for sales of both Holcim and Lafarge assets worldwide in order to satisfy anti-trust regulators, many companies are starting the process of considering potential acquisitions.  Some finance consultants are already weighing in on these prospects, as analysts have already weighed in that Cemex may not have many opportunities to acquire market share from this merger.
  • Argos has announced the purchase of assets in French Guiana currently co-owned by Lafarge and Holcim.  The assets include a clinker grinding facility and a port complex.
  • Brands owned by Lafarge and Holcim are evaluating their future operations.  ACC is expected to retain their brand in India.
  • Canadian firms are already evaluation options for acquisitions.

Expect additional news of repercussions to follow for some time.

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