Titan America News

Fans of Titan America’s plants in the US have two reasons to be happy this week.

First, after the contentious hearings that took place in North Carolina several weeks ago, the news is out that the revisions to the permit for Castle Hayne facility have been approved.   While this should make Titan’s project in North Carolina a little more likely to proceed, it does nothing to soothe the present local skeptics of the project.

Interestingly, at the same time that environmental groups are troubled by the potential of operation in North Carolina, Titan’s Roanoke plant in Virginia has been recognized positively by he Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.  Roanoke Cement has been recognized as an Exemplary Environmental Enterprise (E3) within the Virginia Environmental Excellence Program (VEEP).  The seven-time Energy Star rated facility was evaluated under a program that according to press release was “established to encourage superior environmental performance by encouraging facilities and organizations within the Commonwealth….to go above and beyond what is environmentally required by regulations, and establish even better benchmarks of performance.”

We hope that Roanoke Cement, and Titan America, are able to continue this performance, and are able to duplicate this honor in North Carolina in the near future….

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