Emissions News Updates

A couple of news items to pique interest in the emissions area of cement manufacturing:

First, there’s some added details on the public hearing on the permit for Titan’s Castle Hayne plant.  The latest news points to delays in the construction due to continued legal action as one of the prime motives in applying for the extension.  

Next up, there’s a news release from the US Energy Information Administration that highlights the cement industry as being the most energy-intensive industry in the US.   According to the EIA:

Although the cement industry used only one-quarter of one percent of total U.S. energy, it is the most energy-intensive of all manufacturing industries, with a share of national energy use roughly 10 times its share of the nation’s gross output of goods and services.

The report highlights the heavy usage of coal and petcoke in the cement industry.

For those in the US cement industry, the EPA has listed their priorities for the year.  The enforcement branch includes a commitment to continue its policy of bringing enforcement actions against alleged violators of regulations, listing the cement industry as one area of attention.

Finally, for those interested in mercury emissions, the International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant (ICMGP) will take place in Edinburgh, Scotland, from 28th July – 2nd August 2013. Tekran and Gasmet are expected to unveil updated mercury monitoring equipment, and Milestone is expected to showcase their Direct Mercury Analyzer system.  The conference is expected to be well attended in part due to interest associated with the UNEP Global Legally Binding Treaty on Mercury.

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