Latest News on Carbon Emissions

News agencies are reporting on a new push by the Obama administration to further regulate CO2 emissions from a number of stationary sources.  While the new regulations are aimed at power plants, pressure is being applied on the administration to similarly move forward on regulations for other industrial sources, including refineries and cement plants.  This comes despite the news that US emissions of carbon dioxide dropped by almost 4% last year, driven largely by conversion of plants from coal to natural gas.

Perhaps it is not so surprising then to also see news about Skyonic.  News broke today that Skyonic has received funding for a scale-up in the testing of a new carbon-capture technology at the Capitol Aggregates plant in San Antonio, Texas.  The system is designed to produce baking soda and other products while capturing CO2.  The new installation is expected to cost upwards of $125 million and capture approximately 75,000 tons of CO2 per year.

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