New Cement Products with Reduced Carbon Footprint

The latest news out of French cement manufacturer Vicat regards an industrial trial of a new low-CO2 cement.  The new formulation, marketed as ALPENAT®, is produced through use of less limestone in the raw mix design, and a lower clinkering temperature in the kiln.  Full details of the exact formulation and process are being closely guarded.  The production trial follows the installation of a truck ramp at a Vicat facility using concrete made with ALPENAT and its subsequent use for two years.   The trial at the Vicat Crechy plant in France is expected to last 10 days.

This news follows the recent announcement by French rival Lafarge of the industrial scale trial production of another low-CO2 cement marketed as Aether®.  Lafarge conducted testing at their plant in La Teil, France, and has stated that they expect an official launch of the product in 2014.  Lafarge reports a reduction of CO2 emissions by 25 to 30% by similarly reducing limestone content in the raw mix, using a lower clinkering temperature, and requiring less energy for grinding.  Lafarge has uploaded a YouTube video describing the development of the new product.

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